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Music is a very important aspect of Diamonds in the Rough. Our composer, Nikolas Sideris, always makes sure that the tracks included in the game are directly related to the scenery and the main character's state of mind.

After popular demand, we have uploaded a couple of samples for you.

Sample 1 (2:00 mins)
An orchestral track, the first sign of released tension in the game! The inner thread of unsettling psychology for Jason is initially realised here. Features a large orchestra, lacking any warmth from woodwinds, and the extensive use of percussion.

Sample 2 (3:01 mins)
A more calm setting provides the scene for this track. There is nothing to be told about the company hiring Jasonís talents yet and these could only be described as exciting days for Jason, in his new life and new acquaintances. Influenced by more jazzy venues, this track also features a somewhat more pop usage of drum loops, as well a string quartet.

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